Advisor Reading Group

The Student Success Office facilitates the Advisor Reading Group workshops to support the University advising community. Each semester relevant research literature is identified that could inform current and future advising practices at UMD. The Advisor Reading Group also serves as an avenue for advisors and administrators working in student affairs and academic affairs across campus to share best practices, concerns, and to establish connections for future collaboration. Below you can view information on our next presentation and access past literature that were read and discussed by the group. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email

Upcoming Presentations & Discussions

Fall 2020: Advising Students with Anxiety or Trauma in Times of Crises

Two meetings this semester will focus on articles discussing student resilience through crisis and addressing student anxiety and trauma. Please RSVP for each date you are able to attend virtually.


Supplemental Material: 

The Eight Psychological First Aid Core Actions: About Psychological First Aid

#1: Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Virtual Zoom Meeting

RSVP HERE by September 28 and you will receive the Zoom link.
We will provide an overview of the readings to ensure everyone is on the same page before beginning our discussion on student anxiety, trauma, and resilience and how to support our students through these difficult times.

#2: Thursday, October 22, 2020
Virtual Zoom Meeting

RSVP HERE by October 21 and you will received the Zoom link.
We will continue the discussion on student anxiety, trauma, and resilience and how to support our students within the UMD context.

Past Literature Readings & Discussion Topics

Spring 2020: Financial Aid and Academic Advising: Chapter 2 from Goldrick-Rab, S. (2016). Paying the price: College costs, financial aid, and the betrayal of the American dream. University of Chicago Press.

Fall 2019: Accessibility & Disability Services and Academic Advising: Hong, B. S. (2015). Qualitative analysis of the barriers college students with disabilities experience in higher education. Journal of College Student Development, 56(3), 209-226.

Spring 2019: Social Justice and Academic Advising: Arnsperger Selzer, R. & Ellis Rouse, J. (2013, September). Integrating social justice and academic advising. Academic Advising Today, 36(3). Retrieved from 

Fall 2018: Campus Climates: Harper, S. R., & Hurtado, S. (2007). Nine themes in campus racial climates and implications for institutional transformation. New Directions for Student Services2007(120), 7-24.

Spring 2018: Career development for advisors both within and beyond the field of advising Schulenberg, J. K., & Lindhorst, M. J. (2008). Advising is advising: Toward defining the practice and scholarship of academic advising. NACADA Journal28(1), 43-53.

Fall 2017: Working With and Supporting Undocumented Students

Spring 2017: Helping Transfer Students and Pre-Transfer Advising

Fall 2016: Helping Students in Distress Swanbrow Becker, M. A., & Drum, D. J. (2015). Essential counseling knowledge and skills to prepare student affairs staff to promote emotional wellbeing and to intervene with students in distress. Journal of College and Character16(4), 201-208.

Spring 2016: Major Selection/ Career Cuseo, J. (2005). "Decided," "undecided," and "in transition": Implications for academic advisement, career counseling & student retention. In R.S. Feldman (Ed.). Improving the first year of college: Research and practice. (pp.27-48). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Fall 2015: Student Retention Tinto, V. (2010). From theory to action: Exploring the institutional conditions for student retention (pp. 51-89). In J. C. Smart (Ed.). Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research, Volume 25. University of Chicago.