Advisor Workshops

Each semester the Student Success Office facilitates workshops to support the advising community. Below you can view information on our next presentation and access past presentations.

Upcoming Workshops/Presentations

Working with Undocumented Students
Presenter: Laura M. Bohórquez Garcia

Thursday, September 20, 2018
Marie Mount Hall 1310A

Registration Closed.
This workshop will equip you with the knowledge and resources necessary to effectively respond to the needs of undocumented students at UMD. Learn about some of the terminology, policies, history, experiences, and barriers pertaining to the undocumented community. Additionally, learn about some of the programming and resources available to them both on and off campus.


I-Series: Helping Students Grapple With the “Big Questions” Through General Education
Presenters: Ann Smith, Lisa Kiely, and I-Series Faculty

Thursday, October 25, 2018
Marie Mount Hall 1310A

CANCELLED - Will be rescheduled in the Spring 2019 Semester.
General Education requires all students to take two Distributive Studies courses that are also I-Series. But what does it mean for students to take classes that challenge them to wrestle with big questions, and examine the ways that different disciplines address them? How can advisors help them select these courses? At this workshop, meet faculty members who teach I-Series classes and share with them the challenges you face in helping students understand the opportunities they have with General Education.


Reenrollment Basics

Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Marie Mount Hall 1310A

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Get a refresher or learn about the UMD reenrollment process and policies. Students who did not attend the University for a Fall or Spring semester, or were Academically Dismissed and wish to return to complete a degree or to take additional course work must apply for reenrollment. The Student Success Office processes reenrollment applications and works with the University's academic colleges and departments in assisting students in their return to campus.


Past Presentations

Spring 2018: Building Your Career & Leadership Skills, Cynthia Stevens

Spring 2018: Online Teaching Workshop, Sandra Loughlin and Ben Bederson

Fall 2017: Self and Community Care in Midst of Racial Trauma, Dr. Carlton Green

Spring 2017: General Education and Transfer Credit Services

Spring 2017: Working With and Supporting Undocumented Students

Fall 2016: Hold File Waitlist

Spring 2016: Academic Clemency

Fall 2015: Reenrollment Process for Non-Advising Units

Spring 2015: Reenrollment Process After the Decision

Fall 2014: Introduction to the Reenrollment Process