Advisor Workshops

Each semester the Student Success Office facilitates workshops to support the advising community. Below you can view information on our next presentation and access past presentations.

Upcoming Workshops/Presentations

Please visit the new Advisor Learning Network (ALN), Advisor Events page for information on upcoming workshops for the 2019-2020 academic year.


Past Presentations

Spring 2019: How the BETA Team Can Help Advisors

Spring 2019: Mental Health & Wellness Resources on Campus

Spring 2019: Supporting the Invisible Needs of Students: Addressing Food and Housing Insecurity

Spring 2019: Review of GenEd Requirements and Role of 4 Year Plans

Fall 2018: Reenrollment Basics

Fall 2018: Working With Undocumented Students, Laura M. Bohórquez Garcia

Spring 2018: Building Your Career & Leadership Skills, Cynthia Stevens

Spring 2018: Online Teaching Workshop, Sandra Loughlin and Ben Bederson

Fall 2017: Self and Community Care in Midst of Racial Trauma, Dr. Carlton Green

Spring 2017: General Education and Transfer Credit Services

Spring 2017: Working With and Supporting Undocumented Students

Fall 2016: Hold File Waitlist

Spring 2016: Academic Clemency

Fall 2015: Reenrollment Process for Non-Advising Units

Spring 2015: Reenrollment Process After the Decision

Fall 2014: Introduction to the Reenrollment Process