Reenrollment Presentations

Each semester the Student Success Office facilitates a workshop to support advisors. Below you can view information on our next presentation and access past presentations.

Upcoming Presentation

Thursday, October 26th
1310 A Marie Mount Hall
Self and Community Care in Midst of Racial Trauma
Dr. Carlton Green

College campuses across the country have been experiencing unrest and division related to race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. In College Park, multiple incidents have occurred, including the murder of Lt. Richard Collins III. Following these events, individuals of all backgrounds might experience a range of reactions including feelings of outrage, sadness, hurt, confusion, silence, and helplessness. Specifically, targeted groups might experience traumatic symptoms, whereas people in dominant social groups might experience anxiety related to addressing the events. Oftentimes, we just don't know what to do. This session will focus on assisting people of difference racial backgrounds identify how they respond to these traumatic occurrences, while identifying ways of caring for their respective communities and themselves.

Past Presentations

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