Reenrollment Process

Students who wish to return to the University to complete a degree or to take additional courses must apply for reenrollment. The Student Success Office processes reenrollment applications and works with the University's academic colleges and departments in assisting students in their return to campus.

Reinstatement vs. Readmission

Reenrollment applicants must apply for either readmission or reinstatement, depending on their past academic record.

Apply for reinstatement if...

You were academically dismissed at the end of your last semester of attendance.


You withdrew from your last semester of attendance and have withdrawn from a previous semester.


You withdrew from your first semester of attendance.


You withdrew from your last semester of attendance and had below a 2.00 GPA.

Apply for readmission if...

You left the University with at least a 2.00 GPA and did not withdraw from your last semester of attendance (excluding summer/winter term).


You were on academic probation during your last semester of attendance and one or more semesters have passed since you last registered for courses.

Reenrollment Blocks

Before an application can be processed, students must have financial and judicial blocks cleared by the appropriate offices (Bursar, Student Conduct). If a student has a block, the Student Success Office will inform the student within a week of receiving the application that his/her application cannot be processed until the block is removed.

Please ask students to check their accounts PRIOR to applying.

Many students have had outstanding accounts sent to the state collection agency. They may know they owe the state money but do not realize that their account is blocked here. Only the Bursar’s office can clear them. Students are responsible for following up on this clearance with the Bursar.

Students may answer questions on the application that indicate they have been in legal trouble. This automatically gives them a judicial block. Students must contact the Office of Student Conduct and submit the required documentation to receive a clearance slip.