Academic Dismissal

Students who fail to achieve a 2.00 cumulative GPA at the end of their probationary semester may be academically dismissed, depending on their credit level.

Students with 60 credits or more: will be dismissed from the University if their cumulative GPA remains below 2.00 at the end of their probationary semester.

Students with fewer than 60 credits: will be permitted to continue on academic probation if a minimum semester GPA of 2.00 is achieved.

The Registrar will notify the appropriate University offices when students are academically dismissed and will note the dismissal on the student's academic record. The Student Success Office will notify students that registration for the next semester (excluding winter or summer terms) will be canceled. Students who have been academically dismissed and who are reinstated will be dismissed again if a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 is not achieved by the end of the first semester after reinstatement.

Students who have been academically dismissed may apply for immediate reinstatement. By doing so, a decision can be made promptly on your behalf. Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by a faculty board who will consider your past performance and decide on your readiness to continue at the University of Maryland. Please note, approval to reenroll is not guaranteed.

Academic dismissal is usually the consequence of ongoing academic and/or personal issues. Many students need time to improve the situations that led to these difficulties. Please take time to reflect on the circumstances that led to your dismissal. If you wish to apply for reinstatement at the University of Maryland, please consider the following recommendations and complete the appropriate steps:

Meet with your academic advisor to review your current academic record and determine if it is in your best interest to apply for reinstatement.

Submit the reinstatement application and required supporting documentation by the reenrollment deadline.

To access the application, visit: Reenrollment Overview. The submission of the application preserves your semester schedule until a decision has been rendered.


Review reinstatement frequently asked questions at: FAQs.

Be aware if you are enrolled in a Winter or Summer Term course and your cumulative grade point average rises to above a 2.00 following the session, your dismissal will be voided. Be advised that it is very difficult to raise your cumulative GPA over a 2.00 through the completion of one or two courses.

Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and the Department of Resident Life for more information about the impact of academic dismissal on your contracts with those departments.

Once a decision has been reached, you may view your reinstatement decision online at: