Reinstatement FAQ

Review the information below to help you make an informed academic decision about your future educational endeavors.

  1. Should I apply for reinstatement or readmission?
  2. Consult the chart below to determine whether you should apply for reinstatement or readmission.

    Apply for reinstatement if...

    You were academically dismissed at the end of your last semester of attendance.


    You withdrew from your last semester of attendance and have withdrawn from a previous semester.


    You withdrew from your first semester of attendance.


    You withdrew from your last semester of attendance and had below a 2.00 GPA.

    Apply for readmission if...

    You left the University with at least a 2.0 GPA and did not withdraw from your last semester of attendance (excluding summer/winter term).


    You were on academic probation during your last semester of attendance and one or more semesters have passed since you last registered for courses.


    You withdrew from your last semester of attendance and have NOT withdrawn from a previous semester (excluding summer/winter term) and had above a 2.0 GPA. See reinstatement if you withdrew from your first semester of attendance at UMD.

  3. I was academically dismissed at the end of this past semester. What should I do next?
  4. Consider if you are ready to return to the University right away. You may wish to discuss this with your academic advisor. If you wish to apply for reinstatement, submit the reinstatement application and all required documentation by the appropriate deadline. Make sure that your application essays are well thought out and explain why you believe you will be successful if you were to return.

  5. What happens to my application after it has been submitted?
  6. Completed applications will be forwarded to the Faculty Petition Board for their use in making reinstatement decisions. At least two faculty members independently consider your application. Please note that incomplete applications (failure to complete the two application essays, missing transcripts, or a financial or judicial block on your record) will not move forward until the missing information is received.

  7. Who serves on the Faculty Petition Board? What information will they take into consideration?
  8. The Board is comprised of tenured faculty members. They examine many factors in evaluating an application including grade point average, progress towards degree requirements, credit totals, previous academic dismissals, and the ability to complete a degree at the University of Maryland.

  9. May I meet with someone in person to discuss my situation?
  10. You should meet with an academic advisor in your college to discuss your readiness to return to the University of Maryland for the following semester. The Faculty Petition Board does not meet with students but they have access to the application and all accompanying supplemental documentation. Make sure that pertinent information about the issues that affected your academic performance is included in your application package.

  11. I am an international student. Are there additional documents I must submit in order to reenroll?
  12. If you are intending to return to the University of Maryland while in F-1 or J-1 status, you may be required to submit additional paperwork in order to be issued an I-20 or DS-2019. Please e-mail Katrina Knudsen in the International Student and Scholar Services Office ( for a list of the documentation you will be required to submit if you are returning in F-1 or J-1 status. It is recommended that you contact Katrina as soon as your reenrollment/reinstatement application has been submitted.

  13. I was academically dismissed because there is an error on my grade report and/or transcript. What should I do to resolve this matter?
  14. Contact the instructor to address your grade issue and contact the Office of the Registrar to address the transcript issue. Your application will be cancelled if the new grade or adjustment to the transcript removes the dismissal from your record.

  15. I am registered for classes next semester. Will I lose my schedule because I have been academically dismissed?
  16. No. You will not automatically lose your schedule because you have been academically dismissed. However, your schedule will be cancelled if you are not reinstated by the date listed in your dismissal email/letter. Submit the reinstatement application by the deadline to preserve your schedule until a reinstatement decision is rendered. It is your responsibility to cancel your registration if you are reinstated but decide not to return.

  17. May I adjust my schedule before I receive my reinstatement decision?
  18. If you were academically dismissed from the most recent semester and have applied for reinstatement, then you can adjust your schedule before receiving a decision. However, you must work with an academic advisor in your college to receive permission to adjust your schedule.

  19. I signed up for on-campus housing and a meal plan. How are they affected by my academic dismissal?
  20. The Residence Hall and Dining Services Agreements may be cancelled if you do not apply for reinstatement or are denied reinstatement. Contact the Department of Resident Life and Dining Services for more specific information.

  21. I have not received my reinstatement decision but I received a bill for next semester. Should I pay the bill?
  22. Your schedule may be cancelled for failure to maintain your payment schedule and late payment fees may be assessed if payments are not received on time. Contact the Bursars Office, Dining Services, and Department of Resident Life directly to discuss the possibility of delaying the payment of charges until your reinstatement decision is rendered. Refunds are available for students whose reinstatement applications are denied.

  23. I have an unpaid balance on my student account. Am I eligible to apply for reinstatement before it is resolved?
  24. The Faculty Petition Board will not review an application for reinstatement until proof of payment is received. To provide proof of payment, please obtain and mail an original clearance slip from the Office of the Bursar to the following address: 0110 Hornbake Library South, College Park, MD 20742.

  25. I plan to apply for reinstatement for the Fall or Spring Semester. Am I eligible to register for winter or summer courses?
  26. Students who have been academically dismissed from the most recent semester must apply for reinstatement before registering for winter or summer courses. All other students must be approved for reinstatement before registering for winter or summer courses. Winter and summer grades may be considered by the Faculty Petition Board; however, it is often necessary to release decisions prior to the availability of the grades. Winter or summer grades may also serve as the basis for an appeal if they have a significant effect on your cumulative GPA, but do not raise it to a 2.00.

  27. I am in interested in returning as a part-time student. Will this affect my reinstatement decision?
  28. Your reinstatement decision is not affected by your interest in attending the University on a part-time basis.

  29. How will I be notified of my reinstatement decision?
  30. You will be notified via email when your decision is ready.

  31. I have been approved for reinstatement. What should I do next?
  32. Meet with your academic advisor to make any necessary adjustments to your schedule. You are responsible for cancelling your registration, housing, dining, and telecommunications services by the appropriate deadline if you choose not to return to the University.

  33. I am ineligible to reenroll into my major. How can I change my major?
  34. Some students may be asked to change their majors upon reentry to the University. Please see the Changing Your Major section of the website.

  35. My application for reinstatement was not approved. Am I eligible to use campus resources?
  36. You may be eligible to use some limited services of the University during the semester following your academic dismissal, including the Counseling Center, Learning Assistance Service, Undergraduate Advising, and the Career Center. Contact those units directly to obtain more information about the availability of assistance.

  37. Whom should I contact if I have additional questions?
  38. Contact an academic advisor directly to discuss course selection, registration, major options, and preparing to apply for reinstatement in the future. Send questions about your decision, deadlines, or the application to the Student Success Office via email to: