Withdrawal and Leave of Absence

Students admitted to the University of Maryland are expected to make regular and consistent progress toward the completion of their degree. However, the University understands that in exceptional circumstances a student may find it necessary to completely withdraw from all classes. The University considers such an interruption to be very serious as it delays normal progress toward the degree. Students should not withdraw for frivolous reasons or to avoid the consequences of ignoring their academic responsibilities. Any student considering withdrawal is strongly encouraged to meet with his or her academic college advisor before leaving the University. College advisors may be able to recommend alternative strategies for preserving the semester.

Students who withdraw will need to apply for reenrollment. Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence while on academic probation, or those returning from dismissal or a second semester withdrawal, are always required to petition the Faculty Review Board for approval to return. See readmission and reinstatement application below.

Withdrawal Procedures

Students must submit written notice of withdrawal to the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day of classes. A leave of absence is available to students wishing to take time away from the University with the intention of returning the following semester. This option can only be selected during the last 60 days of the semester. Students on Federal Financial Aid may receive some benefit from a leave of absence. A withdrawal can be processed at any time between the first and last day of classes.

In addition to academic consequences, a withdrawal can have serious effects for students receiving financial assistance, international students, and students in residence halls. It is the student's responsibility to review these potential implications with the appropriate offices listed below before withdrawing:

Student Financial Services Office: 1135 Lee Building; (301) 314-9000
International Student & Scholar Services: 1126 H.J. Patterson Hall; (301) 314-7740
Department of Resident Life: 2100 Annapolis Hall; (301) 314-2100

The effective date of the withdrawal for purposes of any refund is the date that the written withdrawal notice is received by the Office of the Registrar. Notation of withdrawal and the effective date will be posted on the student's academic record. Instructors and college offices will be notified of all withdrawn students.


Students who have earned a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA with no previous withdrawals or leave of absences and are not in their first semester of attendance may apply for readmission online at: Readmission Application.

Students who are required to petition the Faculty Review Board for reinstatement may submit their petition online at Reinstatement Application.

Students with questions or concerns about reinstatement and readmission should contact the Student Success Office via email at rr-admit@umd.edu.

See questions & answers about the policy.


Students who have earned a minimum 2.00 GPA with no previous withdrawal or leave of absence, are not in their first semester of attendance and plan to return to the University next semester may have their readmission facilitated by the Office of the Registrar during the withdrawal process.