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Withdrawal on Probation

Students are expected to make regular and consistent progress towards the completion of their degree. However, the University understands that in exceptional circumstances a student may find it necessary to completely withdraw from all classes. Any student considering withdrawal is strongly encouraged to meet with his or her academic college advisor before leaving the University.

  • Semester Withdrawal (WW): Students have until the last day of classes to submit written notice of withdrawal to the Registrar.
  • Retroactive Semester Withdrawal (WW): In exceptional cases, a retroactive withdrawal may be granted based on documented requests in which extenuating circumstances significantly impaired the student's ability to complete the semester and meet the established withdrawal deadlines.

Students who withdraw while on academic probation, or those returning from dismissal or a second semester withdrawal, are always required to petition the Faculty Review Board for approval to return. To apply for reenrollment, please see: Reenrollment Application.

Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and the Department of Resident Life for more information about the impact of academic dismissal on your contracts with those departments.

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