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Re-enrollment Process & Application

Before submitting the re-enrollment application

  • Have an up-to-date Directory ID and password
    • Students will be required to use their directory ID and password to log into the re-enrollment application.
    • Students who do not have an active directory ID and password must set up their credentials or contact the Division of Information Technology help desk at 301-405-1500.
  • Check major eligibility
    • It is recommended that students, especially those who have been away for multiple years, check in with their advisors in order to verify their eligibility and discuss their remaining requirements. Some departments may require students to submit the re-enrollment application first.
    • If you are planning to change your major, it is recommended that you review the requirements, to make sure you are eligible, and review the major change process for the new major.

Apply for reenrollment 

  • Submit the re-enrollment application 
    • If you have issues logging in with your UMD directory id, please click the create an account link at the bottom of the application section.
    • You will receive an email stating your application has been submitted; if you do not receive an email please double check the application system to make sure you have submitted the application.  Also, check your spam/junk mail folder. The Student Success Office/Re-enrollment Office will be emailing if there are any issues with your application.  
  • Email any supporting documentation to  Be sure to include your name and University ID number. 

After submitting the re-enrollment application

Wall clock on red background
  • Clear any blocks on your record
  • Complete major change process, if applicable
  • Submit any required documentation
    • If you are returning after receiving a previous decision from the Board, per your previous decision you may need to submit a:
      • transcript OR graduation plan. 
    • If you attended another institution while away from UMD you will need to have your transcript sent to UMD.
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