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Assess Readiness for Re-enrollment

The following resources are available to assist students with the re-enrollment process:

Re-enrollment Assessment Worksheet

The Re-enrollment Assessment Worksheet serves as a guide to assess one's readiness to reenroll at the University of Maryland.

GPA Calculator

Use the UMD GPA Calculator to determine the minimum cumulative GPA one will need to earn to be in good academic standing. In determining one's desired GPA, please remember to fill in the calculator using all attempted credits and not earned credits.

Change of Major

The Student Success Office will verify a student's ability to return to the major. If students are unable to return to the major, they will be notified that they need to complete the change of major process for a new major. Students who have indicated on their application that they want to return to a different major must also complete the change of major process for a new major. This process can take several weeks, and should be initiated as soon as possible. Approval for a major change does not guarantee approval to return to the University.

Active Directory ID

Students will be required to use their directory ID and password to log into the re-enrollment application.  Students who do not have an active directory ID and password must set up their credentials or contact the Division of Information Technology help desk at 301-405-1500.

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